Work in an underground environment is complex and challenging. If you have a problem relating to tunnelling or the engineering of underground space, we will provide the quick response and expertise that you need to ‘stabilise’ the situation.

We have the knowledge and experience to react to any tunnelling-related incident your business may be facing, whether you are a customer, client organisation, contractor, asset owner or government body. Our expertise in underground space can be called upon whenever you require it.

We will offer you:

  • Asset assessment and protection
  • Ground stabilisation
  • Tunnel and shaft recovery solutions
  • Real-time monitoring systems
  • Forensic failure investigation
  • Completion and submission of third party approvals relating to tunnelling works
  • Feasibility studies
  • 24/7 direct site support and/or management by a tunnelling professional
  • Provision of expert witness services

We have a track record of engineering bespoke, cutting-edge solutions within tight deadlines, taking care to consider the requirements of all stakeholders, who we can if necessary negotiate with on your behalf.